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About us

Since 1988 we have been specialising in industrial sewage treatment and the processing of sewage sludge. Our experience of many years in various industrial branches, as well as our specialised technical staff allows us to create solutions adjusted to our clients’ needs.
We come up with complete solutions, starting from recognising the issue and choosing an appropriate technology, up to installing and starting the treatment plants.

Our research base allows our constant development and modernisation of our products. Made by us installations work efficiently and are cost effective in use.

For the past 20 year we have been dealing with the problem of rain water retention, as well as promoting practical solutions in this particular area. Offered by us chamber systems work efficiently in retention and storage systems all over the country.


Board of directors

Krystyna Gudelis-Matys – Chairman of the board

Ireneusz Dobrzyński – Vicechairman of the board