• Reagent dosing stations

Reagent dosing stations

Reagent dosing stations are used to prepare and automize dosing of chemical solutions in the process of sewage treatment.
Devices, which measure and deliver an appropriate amount of a chemical, have many advantages. Accurately calibrated reagent dosing station helps to avoid scenarios when a too big amount of preparation is used, which reduces the costs of its purchase. More importantly. It is also time-saving- there is no need for anybody to supervise the machine.
Chemicals are dosed in the proportional amount to sewage flow acquired.
Depending on the size of the installation, chemicals are provided from palette containers with a volume of 1 m3 or two-coat tanks made from PE of accordingly selected volume.
We offer automated reagent (polyelectrolyte) dosing stations from products in the form of powder, as well as in the form of an emulsion. Devices also have the option of chemical preparation.
Choosing the accurate reagent takes place during the start of installation. Optimising the process ensures the accurate level of treatment with minimal costs of exploitation.