• Crates, sieves

Crates, sieves

The first step of sewage treatment is a mechanical treatment- filtering sewage- with the help of crates and sieves. These machine’s task is to eliminate large contamination from sewage, which could clog or damage machines used in sewage treatment plants installations. Size, the form of clearance and construction of a sieve are picked out for a specific type of sewage based on previous experience. Separated on the crate particulates are separated for another step of treatment.

We offer manual and mechanical crates, arched and revolving sieves with interior and exterior inflow.

Manual basket crate is the cheapest solution for the installation with a flow up to 50m3/day. It is installed in catch pit or sewage lifting plants below the inflow pipeline. Sewage goes inside the crate, where all the contaminations are kept. Drained sewage flow below the crate, where it could be pumped out.

The mechanical crate is used in larger installations, in which manual work could be too absorbing. Automatic cleanse of mechanical crate guarantees effective separation of contamination from sewage and smooth work of different machines from the sewage treatment plant.

Arched sieve is used in smaller installations of the sewage treatment plant, lack of mechanical parts makes it reliable and durable machine.

Revolving sieve with interior or exterior inflow is the most technologically advanced machine used for draining sewage with an automatic cleaning system. It ensures highly reliable work of the automatized sewage treatment plant installation, as well as safety and comfort of service.

Experience and wide knowledge of amount, quality and type of sewage are needed to correctly select a sewage draining machine. Only practical technological experience of sewage treatment enables to choose the correct type and size of the device according to sewage parameters produced by a customer and ensure the best ratio of quality of the device to its price.