• Grease traps

Grease traps

Flotation grease trap is the most effective machine for treating sewage from fat, grease, etc. With its effectiveness, it surpasses traditional grease separators. It works without the use of any chemicals. Flotation grease catchers are aimed towards highly greased sewage and are especially quite useful in food processing plants (dairy farms, charcuteries, fat stock and poultry slaughterhouse) as an initial step of sewage pretreatment. Ideally, they should be used as a final segment of the production line. This solution eliminates the greasing of the plant’s sewage system, including a formation of hard to eliminate fat blockage, as well as contamination of sewage pumping station. Initial degreasing of sewage using flotation method allows the elimination of up to 80-90% of free fat. The machine is made using corrosion resistant stainless steel and plastics. Using grease trap reduces the amount og chemicals used in the next steps of sewage treatment, as well as prevents the formation of a layer of floating grease sludge in biological reactors and equalization tanks in sewage treatment plants.
Another advantage resulting from using grease catchers is the fact that separated fat is a technical fat that could be directed for sale, which additionally reduces relatively low costs of exploitation of a grease trap.