• Flotators


Pressure flotator is a key and the most effective, as well as the most economical machine used for industrial sewage treatment. It is used for final, thorough sewage treatment before the sewage is pumped out to urban or district sewage systems (or sent for biological treatment). It is dedicated for sewage that requires a thorough elimination of fat, phosphorus and nitrogen compounds and organic elements expressed in parameters BZT5 & ChZT. The sewage treatment process in pressure flotator requires the use of chemicals, which enable elimination of fats up to 100% and the elimination of organic elements up to 80-90%. Work of the flotator is completely automatic. The machine is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and plastics. Its use allows reducing the size of biological reactors, resulting in a significant reduction in costs of the investment, as well as the cost of exploitation. We offer flotators with effectiveness from 3 to 200 m3/ hour.