• Industrial treatment plants
  • Scope of Work

Industrial treatment plants

We offer installations to mechanical-chemical-biological industrial sewage treatment adjusted to our customers’ individual needs.

Our sewage treatment installations are composed of few machines chosen according to the conditions of each specific facility.

We produce key machines characterized by modern technical solutions constructed based on our many years of experience.

We produce:

  • Flotators
  • Grease catchers
  • Reagent dosing stations
  • Containers
  • Presses for sludge watering


Our machines are made using stainless steel and plastics – materials that are corrosion resistant.

Wykonywane przez nas instalacje oraz produkowane urządzenia sprawdzają się w eksploatacji przemysłowej – są niezawodne, trwałe i łatwe w obsłudze oraz zapewniają wysoki stopień redukcji zanieczyszczeń.


Until now we have designed and carried out a few hundreds of industrial sewage treatment plants all over the country.


Our customers are:

  • poultry slaughterhouses
  • fat stock slaughterhouses
  • meat processing businesses
  • fish processing businesses
  • dairy plant
  • fruit and vegetable plant
  • tłuszczowe
  • paper mills

Scope of Work

Scope of Work:

  • Preparation of investment projects
  • Preparation of the investment area
  • Recognition of formal and legal conditions
  • Providing support when applying for financial funds

Project Design:

  • Technological projects of sewage treatment plants
  • Construction projects of sewage treatment plants
  • Project Information Card
  • Grades and Rapports on how it influences the environment, survey of water management conditions
  • Reconciliation of documentation with relevant institutions

Implementation of the project:

  • Construction of machines and treatment plants’ components or modernization of the already existing sewage treatment plant
  • Completion and delivery of the machines, installation
  • Substitute investment
  • Investor and Constructor supervision


  • Mechanical start
  • Technological start and work optimization
  • Documentation and Staff training
  • Final acceptance


Our first action is to get to know our Investor needs, and the last is to deliver a working facility!