Industrial sewage treatment plants, rainwater management


If you want your company to be ecological, but also economical, then you should check our offer of industrial sewage treatment plants. We have been trusted by many large and small plants specializing in food processing: dairy farms, poultry, and stock abattoirs, food processing plants, fish processing plants, fruit and vegetable plants, coolers, and others from the food processing branch.

Specialists employed by our firm design and produce complete mechanical-chemical–biological installations for sewage treatment.

Produced by us machines such as crates, reagent dosing stations, pressure flotators, dewatering presses, are part of our treatment plants, as well as they are available upon request for purchase as a separate piece of equipment.

Machines offered by us are made out of stainless steel and plastics, as well as they are equipped with a high-quality armature, which makes them exceptionally durable and solid.

High cost-effectiveness of our treatment plant installations is provided by pressure flotation, which guarantees the elimination of up to 95% of toxic sediments which can be found in sewage.

Pre-treated out of sludge sewage can be pumped out to sewage systems or biological treatment plants. Biologically treated sewage can be later pumped out to rivers, ditches or soil with no harm caused to the environment.

Our installations for industrial sewage treatment are each time matched accordingly to the type of facility, amount and quality of sewage, and also the receiver, where the treated sewage could be pumped out.

We provide delivery of complete systems including installing and starting the system.

Industrial Sewage Treatment Plant

Rain water management